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Women’s Clothing and Accessories at My Tiny Shop

Fashion is my passion

Women’s clothing and accessories. I love shopping for it and finding those exceptional deals! I know I’m not the only one who loves these things, which is the motivation that fuels this venture.

I have always longed to have my own fashion boutique. So, I’m really excited to open “My Tiny Shop”, as a Women’s Clothing and Accessories e-commerce business. Here, is where I can share my passion for fashion and pass along the great deals that find.

It’s Different!

Finding these great deals is an on-going process and a lot of hard work, which I enjoy. It is also what makes “My Tiny Shop” unique from most e-commerce businesses. I don’t carry any particular brand or clothing line. Nor, do I stock a full range of sizes or color options for each item. This is another way I can operate with low overhead and pass the savings on to you.

I can sometimes find bargains on multiple optioned items, and that’s great! But, my focus is in finding current fashions and new trends at fantastic bargain prices. Although this may result in limited quantities or options, when you do find an item in your size and style, you can know that you’re getting a good product at a great price. And it means your bargain hunting has been a success!

Don’t be fooled by the low prices. At My Tiny Shop, inexpensive clothing doesn’t mean low quality. Yet, sometimes I do stock lower quality products too, but when I do, they will be at near give-away prices. Resulting in everything available at My Tiny Shop, being a value-based bargain.

My Mission

* Provide quality women’s clothing and accessories at the lowest possible prices
* Foster good relationships with people by treating them with respect, fairness and exceptional customer support
* And help the less fortunate through a purposeful conduct of business

Helping others along the way

This brings me to the fashion jewelry that is offered on My Tiny Shop. I carry both handmade and vintage (previously owned) pieces. Both types are offered at exceptionally low prices, but more importantly, both types are sourced through a disabled person. This person, a single mom, is physically disabled with MS, cataracts and other health issues. But, she doesn’t lack a hard work ethic or an amazing talent.

Like me, she constantly searches for great deals, though her forte is for vintage jewelry and high quality jewelry making components. While mine is for women’s clothing and accessories, which includes shoes, scarfs, handbags, etc. Although, Ive been known to include men’s or children’s items too, when it’s a deal too good to pass up. So, you never know what you’ll find on My Tiny Shop. Which, I hope, is half the fun of shopping here. But, I digress.

This disabled mom is very talented in creating beautiful, high-quality, handmade necklaces, bracelets, body chains, earrings and even “Tree of Life” sun catchers. Each piece is handmade one at a time and is originals—no two are exactly alike. When an item sells, it’s gone forever. So, don’t hesitate when you find something you just got to have. It might not be available, ‘later’.

So, how do I help?

These handmade fashion jewelry pieces are included on My Tiny Shop by consignment. I don’t make any profit by selling these items, nor is that my goal. But, when you purchase them, you directly, are helping this mom to earn a living and I want to thank you, in advance, for the good you are doing.

Full disclosure: I do receive a small portion of each sale to help cover operational costs, but no more than necessary.

By purchasing the handmade items, you are also receiving high-quality glass beads and other components—nothing plastic or inferior. I’ve seen products of this quality offered for up to $600 on other websites, but MTS (My Tiny Shop) isn’t about huge profits. It’s about sharing and more specifically, sharing good products at low prices.

My passion is fashion, not money, although it’s true, I am trying to supplement the family income through this e-commerce site. And, if life happens to reward me for being honest, fair and kind… well, that’s okay by me, too! 🙂

Women’s Clothing and Accessories

Where do I get the products from? I can’t tell you; that’s my secret! I’m just kidding, of course, but that question is a more difficult one to answer succinctly. That’s because there is no one manufacturer or avenue that I use to source the clothing, shoes, handbags, scarfs, coats, leggings and all the rest, from.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I love shopping and I love finding great deals. You would most often find me on the Internet, picking up every proverbial rock and looking in every cyber cranny. To include the popular as well as the unranked or little known websites, looking for extraordinary deals and bargains.

Sometimes I’ll find manufacturer close-outs, clearances or bundled samples. I also frequent Estate Sales, Garage Sales and Going-out-of-business sales.

If I come across “like new”, but previously owned items at a great price, I’ll get those too. I post those items on MTS in the Ukay-Ukay category. “Ukay-Ukay” is a phrase from my native Tagalog language, which means “Second Hand”. But, second hand doesn’t necessarily mean ‘used’. I have found never-before-worn clothing at these kind of sales, as well. These are articles that were perhaps, given as a gift, but was the wrong size or style. So, the recipient never even tried them on and eventually put them up for sale. Be it Craigslist, eBay or any of the other on-line and printed media resource, they are all viable options.

Country of Origin?

The answer to that would have to be, “anywhere and everywhere”. As long as the items are of good quality, or exceptionally inexpensive compared to their level of quality, I’ll get it.

When I list items for sale on My Tiny Shop site, I make an effort to take photos from various angles and sides, so you can really see what you’re getting. All my photos are of the actual item(s) that you would receive when purchased.

I hope this has given you a little insight about me and my business aspirations. I look forward to serving you now, and long into the future. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please write to me at:

Thank you, for visiting My Tiny Shop.


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